About The Ranch

Prairie Monarch Bison Ranch was founded in 1992 on the grounds that wild, free roaming, and grass fed bison is a far healthier and, arguably far tastier, quality of meat. Over the last 22 years we have honed our craft in producing a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to capture the unbridled flavor and texture of Prairie Monarch Bison. The holistic core values in which Prairie Monarch Bison Ranch were founded on hold true today, while the iconic American symbol of the buffalo will hold fast for years to come. We challenged ourselves to do our part in restoring it’s heritage and tradition to American kitchens everywhere.

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Healthy Living

Healthy, premium quality meat comes from healthy, unstressed animals living in an environment that supports the ecosystem in which they reside. Our bison are 100% grass-fed and 100% free roaming. In the spring through fall months, our herd grazes nutrient-rich native grasses of the Laramie River Valley, supplemented in the winter months with hay grown and harvested on our ranch. Our bison are never confined to feed lots and never fed corn or grain. Our fields are 100% pesticide and herbicide free. Free-roaming, sustainably-raised, grass-fed bison meat direct from the short grass prairie of Wyoming.