The graceful giants of Prairie Monarch Bison can be found roaming just outside of Laramie, Wyoming. The ranch was started in 1992 with a small herd, a big dream and a handful of core values: To produce high quality, healthy and flavorful grass-fed meat from bison raised sustainably and with respect on their native grasslands. Our bison graze the nutrient-rich grasses of the Laramie River Valley, which are managed holistically without artificial fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Processed nearby at our State inspected facility, our bison are respectfully harvested to ensure quality and usage of the entire animal. Prairie Monarch Bison Ranch is USDA certified organic, 100% grass-fed certified and Animal Welfare Approved. This is our guarantee to you that our bison are shown the greatest respect, are truly 100% grass-fed and finished and never confined to feedlots.  Simply put, we care deeply about the land, the bison, and the ecosystem.



Prairie Monarch Bison Ranch is certified organic. Organic certification ensures that our bison are raised as naturally as possible, with attention not only to the meat we produce but also the fields, soil, and ecosystem of which the bison are apart. Year round, the bison rotationally graze our organic pastures, foraging a diverse diet of grasses, forbs, and sedges. During the winter months, Prairie Monarch bison are fed the organic hay that we grow and harvest here on the ranch during the summer. Our bison are never administered antibiotics or hormones because we are what we eat eats.



Prairie Monarch Bison is Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) by A Greener World (AGW). Meeting these rigorous criteria set out by A Greener World verifies that for the entirety of their lives, our bison are treated with respect. Our calves are born on pasture and stick by their mothers’ sides until they are naturally weaned. All of our bison are free to roam the fields of the Laramie River Valley throughout their lives, never confined, with full access to fresh water, green grass, and sunlight. We focus on preventative health measures through a nutrient-rich diet of diverse prairie grasses rather than the treatment of avoidable health problems. We believe in working respectfully, intentionally, and gently.



Prairie Monarch Bison is certified Grass Fed by A Greener World (AGW), the only grass-fed program in North America that ensures ruminant animals are raised strictly outdoors on pasture without fattening supplemental diets like corn or grain. Raising grass-fed bison works with the species’ natural development as native prairie grazers. Excess nutrients are returned to the land as manure, fertilizer for the next season, making our stewardship practices not only sustainable but regenerative.