100% Grass-Fed bison meat

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Ground Bison


Must Have! Prairie Monarch ground bison is an essential in every kitchen and will bring a lean, healthy protein to your table. This is the most versatile cut for your cooking arsenal. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner; tried and true ground bison will make sausage, burgers, meatloaf and more!

Preferred cooking: baked, braised, boiled, simmered, stewed.

Bison Hump Roast


Exclusive to the bison, the hump roast becomes tender when cooked slowly at low temperatures.

Preferred cooking: braised, smoked.



Barbecue sauce on your lips, dripping down off your fingers. Make some mouth-watering barbecue with Prairie Monarch Bison Brisket. The wonderful grass-fed bison flavor will pair up with your prize winning BBQ sauce that will bring a one-two punch to your taste buds and knock you off your feet.

Preferred cooking: Brisket equals barbecue.

Buffalo Burgers

Hamburger Patties


Our 100% grass-fed patties provide a healthy, lean meat that serves as the foundation to an amazing burger. The burger is a true American tradition. There are so many variations that can be made, but starting with great patties is a must.

Preferred cooking: grilled.

2 – 1/3 lb patties per package

Mock Tender Roast


This roast got its name for looking similar to the tenderloin. Tougher than the tenderloin, the mock tender is better cooked using a wet heat.

Preferred cooking: braising, stewing.

Strip Loin Steak


The strip loin – also called New York Strip – is one of our best sellers. This premium, lean steak is a classic. Known for its tenderness and flavor, the New York strip lends itself nicely to simple preparation methods.

Preferred cooking: grilled, sauteed.

Eye of Round Roast


A very lean roast from the bottom round. It’s best when roasted and thinly sliced. Makes for a great addition to soups.

Preferred cooking: roasted, sous-vide.

Buffalo TenderloinCooking Buffalo Tenderloin

Filet Mignon


Must love food! Feel the heat of the perfectly seared, most tender cut of bison on your face as the rich scent of grass-fed bison fills your nose. Savor that first, tender, juicy bite and let everything melt away. Best enjoyed alone or with that special someone.

Preferred cooking: grilled, sauteed.