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Stew Meat


Nothing says hearty, home cooking like a good stew. Prairie Monarch’s stew meat is pulled from the most tender portions of the bison that will bring the crowds back for more every time. Our butchers cut them into 3/4 inch chunks so you don’t have to.

Preferred cooking: braised, kabobs, slow cooked, stewed.

Soup Bones


Nutrient rich broth made from cross-cut shanks of grass-fed bison with delicious pieces of bison meat that will melt off the shank to make a rich, meaty, flavorful soup stock.

Preferred cooking: stewed, boiled.

Short Ribs


Love ribs, but don’t like getting your fingers too dirty? These short ribs are meatier and fattier than the long ribs. Start with fork and knife, then get comfortable and pick-up those bones for a finger-licking finish.

Preferred cooking: braised, grilled.

Long Ribs


Get in touch with your inner caveman. Long ribs are the perfect cut to eat with your hands and really enjoy your meal. Sitting right on the bone, the long ribs are very flavorful and great when cooked slowly.

Preferred cooking: braised, slow broiled, grilled, smoked.